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How to Select Noise Reducing Headphones

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Noise pollution is becoming more and more important. Business travel, daily travel or working environment seem to be all around us except when we are asleep. Since we can't control the source of noise, we can only prevent it from entering our ears. With the increase of users'awareness of noise reduction, the demand for noise reduction headphones has increased. Competition in the headphone industry is intensifying, and the gradual development of noise-reducing headphones will become a hot trend in the future! _________ So what are the benefits of noise reduction headphones and how to choose them?
The active noise reduction function is to neutralize the noise by generating the reverse sound wave equal to the external noise through the noise reduction system, so as to achieve the effect of noise reduction. Active noise reduction headphones are equipped with noise reduction circuits to counteract external noise. Most of them adopt larger head-mounted design. They can block external noise by using cotton earplugs and headphone housing, and carry out the first round sound insulation. At the same time, active noise reduction circuits and power supply are installed in order to have sufficient space.
Passive noise reduction headphones mainly enclose the ear to form a closed space, or use silica gel earplugs and other sound insulation materials to block external noise. Because the noise is not processed by the noise reduction circuit chip, it can only block the high-frequency noise, and the effect of low-frequency noise reduction is not obvious.
Noise reduction headphones can bring the following benefits to users:
1. Create a quality life: Noise reduction headphones were first used to reduce noise on airplanes, which is the most original use of noise reduction headphones. In all kinds of noisy environment, noise reduction headphones can eliminate the ambient noise to the greatest extent (depending on the noise reduction level), so that users can enjoy quiet travel life. For users demanding high quality life, noise reduction headphones do solve the headache of noise problems, but also improve their quality of life.
2. Protect user's hearing: Noise-reducing headphones can protect hearing. Why do you say that? We assume that the ambient noise is unchanged, and the volume of the mobile phone that can meet the needs of listening without noise reduction headphones is 20 lattices; after changing to noise reduction headphones, only 10 lattices are needed to meet the needs of listening because of the reduction of noise. Therefore, from this point of view, noise reduction headphones for hearing protection is very prominent.
How to choose noise reduction headphones, we can start from the following aspects:
1. Look at models and parameters.
Generally speaking, the word "noise reduction" is abbreviated as "NC (Noise Cancelling)", so most models of noise reduction headphones have these two letters. Or there will be "active noise reduction" four words. Some businessmen may say that "XXX headphones have noise reduction function" when recommending products to impress consumers, while some of them will wipe sideballs and say that ordinary earplugs (passive noise reduction) are noise reduction earplugs. Although this statement is correct in theory, it is not in line with the general understanding. If the NC can not be found on the headphone model, we can also see the parameters and whether there are batteries. Most of the packaging boxes of active noise reduction headphones will have "how many decibels of noise reduction effect" and other words. Generally, the strongest noise reduction effect can reach 30 decibels, so as to determine whether this is an active noise reduction headphone.
2. Selection function
Because the work of noise reduction headphones can not be separated from battery power supply, noise reduction earplugs are basically equipped with battery boxes, of course, this is also the wired controller of earplugs. Considering the actual environment and methods that users may have, such as connecting headphones to mobile phones, this is a very common way to use, so some earplugs are equipped with the function of answering the phone, with microphone noise reduction. Similar additional functions also have some, we can choose products when targeted reference.
3. In the final analysis, this is an earplug.
Like ordinary earplugs, we still need to care about the basic quality of the product, whether the wire and joint parts are easy to damage, whether the sound quality performance is excellent, and so on. As the noise reduction industry keeps progressing, the noise reduction earplugs have little difference in sound quality performance compared with the ordinary earplugs at the same price. This requires us to carefully select which brands of noise reduction earplugs have good noise reduction function and sound quality performance. Don't neglect other practical effects because you attach too much importance to brand names.

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