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What's a good buy for many types of headphones?

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Earphone structure
Headphones are divided into headset, earplug and hanging ear. Headphones have excellent performance and strong anti-falling ability, but they are large in size and inconvenient to carry and are suitable for use in fixed places such as home or office. Earplug headphones are small, portable, sound quality is good, sound interaction is strong, but low frequency loss is large; earplug headphones are integrated with headphones and ears. The advantages of plug style, fashionable appearance, popular with young people.
Headphones with different impedance are used in different situations. High impedance headphones are usually used on desktop, power amplifier, VCD, DVD, TV and other machines; low impedance headphones are generally used for various portable walkman, such as CD, MD and MP3.
Frequency Response
Refers to the width of the frequency band that headphones can emit. The frequency range of high-fidelity headphones in IEC 581-10 standard is 50 Hz-12 500 Hz.
It refers to the input power of the sound source under the same loudness. For portable devices such as Walkman, the higher the sensitivity, the easier the headphones to drive.
Harmonic distortion
The smaller the distortion, the better the sound quality.
We need to remind you that technical parameters are only one aspect when choosing and purchasing. When purchasing, we should treat technical parameters more rationally. We don't need to spend more money to buy functions that we don't need for a little change in parameters. We should not be confused by slogans on the packaging of miscellaneous headphones. It's better to be suitable for ourselves.
How to choose a good and suitable headset? Here are some tips to share with you.
What do feverish music fans prefer? Of course, HiFi, if you want to buy headphones with HiFi, you must pay attention to the following points: Generally speaking, the electric headphones have the characteristics of simple structure, stable sound quality and low price, which are suitable for the general public to choose, and it can meet the general needs; Capacitive headphones have good sound quality and bandwidth, but because of the complex technology, the price is relatively high, and they are suitable for the general public. Fever friends choose it, its listening quality is quite good.
From the use nature of headphones, headphones need to be worn on the head for a long time, which requires that the ear pads of headphones are very soft and comfortable, the pressure of the head ring is relatively small, and the headphones can not oppress the blood vessels of the head, causing discomfort.
Buying different headphones in different seasons can better protect your ears. In hot summer, earplug headphones will not make your ears suffer; in cold winter, headphones can prevent frostbite.
When choosing headphones, we should pay attention to the performance indicators on the instructions of headphones, because the poor quality headphones are often produced by small factories. Some of the performance indicators are improperly added or exaggerated. Headphones are generally lower in the frequency range of 20-20 kHz, more than 100 mW power, less than or slightly equal to 0.5% harmonic distortion, etc. If you can't meet the above requirements, you'd better not buy.
If judged from the appearance, large manufacturers use engineering plastics, so it looks very smooth, and has a certain degree of stress and toughness, no stiffness, fine workmanship, excellent hand feel, no rough sense of inferior plastics. In addition, the wire diameter of the earphone is relatively thick, which can ensure stable transmission and soft and hard touch of the wire. The plug is clean and neat, without burrs, and the coating is smooth and even.
Although earphones are small, they require a high level of manufacturing technology and have a lot of knowledge to buy. Earphone has become a necessary item for many people to enjoy music. It is not only small and exquisite, active, and will not interfere with others, but also has a strong sense of presence, stereo rendering effect is very strong.

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